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Adurel warranties are renewable on 5-15 year cycles by re-applying the topcoat. This will also give the customer a new factory warranty and can carry forward for the life of the building, permanently ending the tear-off cycle.

Our lifetime warranty program offers a guaranteed renewable system for the life of the building when implemented with a proper maintenance program.

Most manufacturing companies abandon the roof during the warranty period. Unfortunately roofs take a beating and drainage gets clogged with everything from bird feathers to leaves and algae. It is a poor concept to think a roof does not require maintenance. Roofers know this and try to sell the concept but generally have difficulty. The reason is the consumer is generally sold the idea that the roof should be maintenance free. There are several disadvantages of this to both the roofer and the customer. In the event of storm damage or other mechanical damage, the damage goes unnoticed and water can enter the assembly to ruin the roof. The customer’s warranty becomes void and the customer is dissatisfied with the roofer and the manufacturer. If drainage is clogged, the roof goes through unnecessary stress and weight loads and this further damages the roof.

The Adurel Lifetime Warranty Program eliminates these common problems and saves the owner an average 50-90% of his/her cash outlay at renewal. Anyone with long-term holdings will save with these systems. The system can also be phased in over several years for further savings. Using our phased in program, the project starts with a permanent flashing or seam restoration followed by sectional field restoration spread out over several years. The idea is to stop all leaks and problems in the first year and maximize the use of cash flow for the balance. This concept was designed for large-scale property management.

Beyond Roofing to Energy

Adurel is an acronym for “Advanced Urethane Elastomers” and stands for our commitment to advance and integrate the latest polymer technologies available into the roofing and waterproofing industry. All systems are designed with primary focus on sustainability and energy conservation.


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