Agricultural Roof Systems

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Stall Guard
Barn Protector

Helps to prevent horses from chewing up their stalls and your money.

Use Adurel Stall Guard on stalls, fences, and other surfaces subject to destructive chewing or cribbing behavior.

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Metal Roofs
Fixed For Good!

Why waste your money on fixes that don’t work? Use Adurel’s solvent based coatings systems and put an end to your roof’s rusting, leaking, and degradation.

Self-priming and easy to apply with white finish lowers roof temps to ambient air.

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Beyond Roofing to Energy

Adurel is an acronym for “Advanced Urethane Elastomers” and stands for our commitment to advance and integrate the latest polymer technologies available into the roofing and waterproofing industry. All systems are designed with primary focus on sustainability and energy conservation.


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